Damascus Model Ouds are firstly started to be constructed in our workshop in 2000. Damascus Oud is invented by inspiring from ouds of Nihat İhuan (brothers). Cengiz SARIKUŞ found new and rotund bass sounds because of the new additions. The size of the bowl of Damascus oud is 50 or 50.5 cm. The length between two bridges is 20 cm. Büyük kafes, küçük kafes ? Sound of our Damascus Ouds is stronger in basses. Buzzing does not exist in change of sounds from bass to acute. There are two types of Damascus Ouds:

  • Aram Damascus Model (Arabic Model)
  • Turkish Damascus Model

The design of Soundboard in Arabic Damascus Ouds is different. Balcony system and strings are arranged according to Arabic tuning system. This oud is becoming more popular every day. Arabic performers demand this Oud because of the easiness in achieving the bass Arabic sounds.

Balcony system of Turkish Damascus Model ouds is different. In these ouds, we use the common type of strings that generally used in Turkish ouds. This oud is popular among Turkish performers. We make these ouds from tropical woods like Plesek, Venge, Pomela, Ovankol, Zebrana, etc… Resonance of these woods are high.