Qanun is a Turkish instrument and for so many years it is played without the tuning orabs. At the beginning of twentieth century, orab system is invented by Turks in Istanbul. First orabs are used as three or four pieces for each courses. But since 1960, we are using the nine comma orab system. For Ottoman period we see Master Mahmud as the first qanun craftsman. After him we know that Master Emin, Hasköylü Mıgırdiç and Artin and Ohannes Uzunyan brothers have made qanuns in Istanbul. These qanuns have 24 courses of strings and narrow sides. Their sound is thick.

For the present day, qanuns that have 25 and 26 courses of strings have been started to be made. It is possible to come across with qanun makers all over the Turkey.

Qanun is a very troubled instrument. So during the process of crafting each tree should definitely be kiln-dried. These are the necessary woods for making a professional qanun; inferior surface of the soundboard should have three layers Blacksea spruce wood and its coating should be pressed. For the top surface, it is really important that it should be made from at least ten years old seared sycamore wood. Pegbox block should be strong lime tree. Long and short sides should have three layers and be made from pressed spruce wooden. String block should be strong common beech. Pegs should be constructed from ebony or palisander. If the orabs made by bafon bass sounds in tone becomes more rotund.

The most demanded feature of oud is long tone and bass sounds. Also easiness of playing is really important, too. If picks made from tortoise shell sounds become clearer.

Qanuns that constructed in our workshop are being insistently demanded in Turkey and foreign countries. What make a qanun vintage are the material that is used when constructing and the craftsman who makes it. In our workshop, we make qanuns only on request and the number of qanuns we made in a year is approximately 15.

In the workshop, another foreman of Cengiz Sarıkuş is Erhan Beydanol. Master Erhan is also a really successful and famous performer in qanun.