Nev oud is an instrument that is invented after a long period of studying. One of the most important causes of this study is to endear oud to youngsters and to make it widespread among them. Another cause is to make oud playing an easier activity for portly –especially for who have a large hip size- people.

For the invention of nev oud we have inspired from three instruments and these are oud, violin, and guitar. It has two sinuosities at side to make handling easier. They also make placing the instrument to right or left knee easier. New oud looks like Renaissance guitars because of its camber at the back side. Its fingerboard is similar to oud but thinner to make handling and hand-using easier. Its pegbox is an improved version of violin by extending the length. At the center of soundboard there is a 9 cm of diameter rose and above it there are two more small roses that look like eyes. Nev oud can be played while standing or sitting.

This instrument is invented in 2000 and patented by Turkish Patent Institution in 2012. Its construction belongs to Veysel Müzik only.

At the construction of nev oud these woods are used; mahogany, palisander, wenge, iroko, and walnut. Tone of its sound is similar to oud but more rotund in basses. On request we may add electro system and equalizer.

In Turkey, many famous artists are playing this instrument on stage. Demand within Turkey and other countries are increasing day by day and we believe nev oud is going to be really famous among the youth in future. Nev oud is patented by Turkey Patent Institution in the name of Cengiz Sarıkuş.