Violin, in its primitive shape, was consisting of one string, one neck and tightened leather on of the bowl that is made from gourd or engraved wood in Turkish states of Central Asia. Violin has passed to Europe, in this primitive shape, with the migration of tribes. In Europe, it has constructed as seven strings violin and named as “viola da gamba” and “viola d’amore”. After that it has reached its perfection in the hands of Master Amati and Master Gasparo da Salo.

In Turkey, first violins have been played in the Court after 1839 during the region of Sultan Abdulmecit. We know that Uzunyan brothers tried to construct violin after 1900s. After the foundation of Republic some craftsmen kept on making violins even if it was a small number. After 1980s, because of the establishing of conservatories, crafting violin had been an increasing occupation.

Today, craftsmen who craft one hundred percent handmade violins are very less. Unfortunately, China originated violins have surpassed the market and this situation has restrained the making of the violin. Poor quality violins have infested the music markets. Some people are scratching and repainting those manufactured violins and convincing people by selling them as handmade products.

A good violin’s inferior bowl, sides and neck is usually made of aged maple wood and the upper bowl is made of seared spruce. Varnish of the violin is the most important element. To prepare the varnish material various foreign rosins and tragacanthes are necessary. These rosins are Indian benzoe rosin, sandrock , gumba guti, benzoline, and ether. A good varnish needs at least a month. We make two kinds of violins in our workshop; for Western music and Turkish music. Also we are producing viola on request. Our products are generally being sold within the country and rarely musicians from Arabic countries are buying them. Violin models we used are 1690 and 1713 Strad, 1650 Amati, Klotz and Guarneri. Master Cengiz’s violins are famous with their bass sounds. So, these violins are one of the most wanted instruments.